Product Highlight Loan Assistance Welcome To © Sed ad dolor laboris fugiat proident veniam ipsum 2010 With many ways available to build homes these days, it's crucial to find the right fit. At Gateway in Green, we try to become your perfect match! From the moment you meet us, till the day you open the front door, we will be with you, making you feel at home, with us! In this ever changing economy, building green will influence a better tomorrow for YOU! Imagine the air YOU breathe, the water YOU drink, and the soil YOU walk upon. These elements make us! Whether your motivation for choosing a Green home is for your children's future, increasing energy prices, or just to save some dollars, the decision to build a Green home that is energy efficient is in the minds of over 87% of Americans. It makes good sense, too, as a Green home not only uses less energy, less water and natural resources but is simply a better built home. A Green home creates less waste and is healthier and safer for the people living inside compared to a standard home. Bamboo Floors!